The Creation of the Veim Reiki Massage

I am the founder and creator of Veim Energy Healing and the Veim Massage. After obtaining my Level One Usui Reiki locally in Fort Mcmurray and receiving my Masters in Lightarian Reiki,  I received a gift from God after treating approx. 50 clients for free with Reiki. During a session with one of my clients I found my hands moving on their own. It feels as though my hands are made of metal and someone invisible is holding magnets and moving them around. I was being guided by God as to how to heal my clients. After this session my healing abilities became noticeably stronger and my clients were having deeply profound spiritual experiences. When I was building my practice with this new found energy healing- Veim - I was mentored by world renowned mediums, psychics, healers and shamans that helped me grow as a healer. I then infused Veim Energy Healing with a unique massage that I invented called the Veim Massage. From here I was given a spiritual gift by a spirit guide; the ability to scan people energetically which helps me to understand belief systems a client holds and the truth from god about what a client needs to advance on their healing journey. I travel across Alberta to help those who need it or wherever my clientele reaches out from. I am also trained in Pranic Healing, Pranic Healing with Crystals. I recommend reading the testimonials below to further understand how I can help you heal.

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1 HR Veim  Massage - $120       1.5HR $180

1 HR Veim Massage- In-home - $150   1.5HR - In - Home $210

1HR Veim Reiki Pressure Point - 1 HR $100 (In-home $120)  1.5HR $150 (In-home $180)

Complete Spiritual Home Cleaning - $25/ room

30 MIN Energy Healing Session - $50

Life Coaching  - 3 X 1hr sessions  = $220

Learn Veim Energy Healing to help yourself, your family, friends and pets - $320

Learn Veim Massage to help your family, friends and/or create a home business $1200

Long Distance Reiki and Archangel Healing- $30

  • Psychic Reading by Amanda in Waterways - Over the Phone Readings $80 Tarot & Energy and Spirit Reading - approx time 1 hr - TEXT 780-880-2655 TO BOOK

  • Psychic Reading by Misty- Over the phone - $60 Past present and Future Tarot and 4 questions approx time 40 min - TEXT 780-880-2655 TO BOOK

Veim Massage Testimonials

Nicole - Broken Ankle - Fort Mcmurray

Well. Today November 6, 2014 I experienced my very first massage EVER! But this wasn't just some lame back rub this was an amazing 60 minutes I can't quite explain. You see back in March I broke my left ankle and ever since it's been causing me lots trouble since day one. I couldn't go down the stairs without going sideways, I couldn't walk for more then 15 minutes at a time without it starting to hurt and I would walk with a limp for the rest of the day, I couldn't skip rope, jump, hop, jog, dance or even flex my foot back and fourth without my foot swelling up or becoming very stiff and hurt like crazy. I did therapy twice a week for 3 weeks and it didn't do much only drain my bank account. It was effective for the first day but after that it was back to square one of swelling and stiffness. But. As I sit here 6 hours after my very first VIEM massage by the fantastic Destiny Ezurs I can't believe how GREAT my foot feels. I can bend it, rotate it without wincing in pain. I even did a full hour of Zumba without having to take a break this time. Is my foot magically healed? No I don't think so but I can say with total honesty that my food does feel 70% better then it did before I got my massage. It's not half as stiff as it was when I got out of bed this morning. I'm becoming a believer that this actually works I would recommend this to anyone who has chronic pain it's worth every single minute. I walked in the door kind of skeptic thinking it wasn't going to make a difference and I left feeling completely up lifted, relaxed and the big bonus my foot didn't hurt half as much. 

Thank you so much. Can't wait for my next session on Saturday. 

November 8, 2014

It has been 2 days exactly since my very first VIEM massage. I cannot believe the different in my foot. I had a pretty relaxing weekend so far didn't really do a whole lot to test out the flexibility like going to the gym or anything like that yet but the swelling has been down and stayed down for 2 says now. The stiffness is WAY better then it was before and in the mornings it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did before I had the massage done. All I can say is WOW! I am soooooo happy I decided to go ahead and get this done. I will be getting my second one in just an hour and I am looking forward to my foot feeling even better then it does now. Everyone should get this done. It's so worth it.

Today is the day after my second VIEM massage and I must say I feel amazing! I am so surprised the difference this has made in my day to day life. I really feel more energized and happy. 

Tomorrow will be the true testament in regard to my actual problem tho my foot. I will be doing my first bootcamp last time I left class early because my foot caused me such grief due to pain and swelling. I haven't had hardly any stiffness or pain since I met with Destiny on November 6 it was a total shock to me when I left and I could go down the stairs without doing it sideways.
Thanks so much Destiny your awesome.


Hey Destiny.

It's been One month since my last massage with you and OMG I feel GREAT! I don't know about mentally like ( calm, relaxed, more patient ) that kinda thing my life is pretty rush rush rush all the time so I don't have time to actually sit and think about that aspect of it all BUT I am just about 100% pain free when it comes to my ankle. I can't effin believe it!!!! I swear you're magical. I can RUN, JUMP, KICK, and just enjoy life the way I did before I broke it! I went the the gym and did everything my trainer told me to do and my foot didn't give me any grief. Did a full 2 hours of Zumba/ Zumba burst I felt no pain afterwards or durning what so ever. It's simply amazing! YOUR amazing. Thank you thank you thaaaank yoooou!!!! I will be booking my next appointment VERY soon! 

BJ- Rotary Cuff Injury & Anxiety - Fort Mcmurray

I had a rotator cuff injury and it had been bothering me for forever and Destiny made it better in just a half of a session! I only wish I would have got a full one because it was awesome!  Little did I know that I would later develop anxiety and again trusted her to do her magic and had the full hour massage session and again she was able to heal me of that as well. I would recommend this to any one who is seeking an hour of complete relaxation and wanting to avoid the use of medication while being fully healed from your ailment. 

Mark - Stress from work - Fort Mcmurray

This is hands down the best massage I have ever had. It is unlike any I have ever experienced and the energy that Destiny uses is undeniable. Its what keeps me as a regular client.  - Mark

Bashar - Low energy and bad luck - Edmonton

When I first heard of V.E.I.M and what it entailed I was very skeptical. Removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy sounded ridiculous to me, nevertheless I gave it a shot and my skepticism quickly disappeared. One session of V.E.I.M Massage had a profound affect on me. I play poker professionally and was on a negative downswing for 6 months prior to my session. I was playing poorly, getting really unlucky, losing a lot of money, and just didn't feel really confident. Immediately after my session everything changed. I started to feel much better physically and mentally, I had more energy, I felt really sharp, and I started to win again. In Fact after my session I couldn't lose, everything I played I won, it was amazing. I'm now a firm believer of V.E.I.M and I have it done as often as I can. I highly recommend everyone try it at least once. B.R.

Natalia - Problems due to the Depo-Provera Shot - Fort Mcmurray

I had been on the Depo shot for 5 years and had decided to stop because of the risks involved and I was also wanting to get pregnant. A year after stopping I became frustrated because my period had yet to come and without that it's impossible to get pregnant. I tried Veim massage for the first time because destiny lived with me briefly and she convinced me she could help. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and that it surpassed my expectations. Later that week I had period symptoms (tender breasts etc) but I did not get my period. Destiny then informed me that another massage would be vital. During the second massage I had a vision (like a vivid dream but I was awake) as she had her hands over my ovaries. The vision was of a woman dancing. It was surreal. Later that week I had my first period in a year! I would recommend everyone and anyone to try this as it undoubtedly works and feels amazing to boot!

Greg - Stress - Fort Mcmurray

I felt very relaxed after the massage. I got lots of sleep as well. It feels like some weight has left my shoulders. I would highly recommend it to people but I won't cause then you'll be all booked up and it would be impossible to get another appointment. Lol
It was a very good massage. A 10 .

Sarah - Pregnancy Difficulties - Fort Mcmurray

Thank you destiny. I have been on diclectin since 7 weeks pregnant for nausea and difficulty sleeping. At 11 weeks I tried one night without the pills and was up all night only able to sleep a max of three hour stretches. I was sceptical about your massage and as a healthcare professional I tend to steer away from alternative healing methods. However, any mom who has been sleepless, nauseas and trying to work full time while raising a toddler will do just about anything to get some relief. So when you offered me a complimentary massage I thought 'why not'. I have had several food aversions and after the massage I noticed my appetite was stronger and I was eating and cooking foods I have not been able to look at for weeks. That evening I did not take my medication and for the first time in weeks I also slept through the night. The following day I had no nausea. I am 12 weeks and the scientific part of me wants to attribute these changes to simply leaving the 1st trimester. However, the impacts were so immediate and all at once that something that you did must have helped and provided immediate relief.  Thanks very much.

Rosalie's Review - Lower Back Pain - Fort Mcmurray

"I have known Destiny for several years having used her as a personal trainer, and more recently experiencing VIEM massage as developed by Destiny. I have also had a Reiki treatment by Destiny in the past. The massage was an enjoyable, relaxing experience. I went in with lower back pain, which was causing pain to the front of my leg as well. The actual massage felt like a relaxation massage, there was no pain associated with the massage whatsoever. The pain that I had prior to the massage was relieved when the massage was finished. The pain was diminished for approximately 2 weeks. Destiny is focused on helping others feel the best they can both physically and spiritually. I would recommend VIEM massage for anyone who is experiencing physical pain, tension, or looking for emotional relief.

Holly - Post Partum Depression - Fort Mcmurray

Today I experienced Veim massage for my postpartum depression for the first time the best way I can explain it is it's like taking a shower. It began by making me feel like my body parts were being cleansed of negative energy one body part at a time. Then to be filled with clean new energy. When we were done I felt so happy the sun seemed to be shining even brighter then before even now hours after my appointment and back into my regular life I find it much easier to focus on the positive when life throws you curve balls. I've spoken to therapist about my postpartum and have never felt this renewed ! So excited for my next experience with veim!!!  Thanks again so much destiny.

Last night I had my second Veim massage. I was super excited for my session once again feeling like veim is cleansing my body from negative energy during my first veim massage at the end of the session I saw bright green this time I saw yellow learning that these colours represent charkas of your body. I believe with each new session it's helping to cleanses different problems areas ! Super excited for my next veim massage !!! Thanks so much for all your help with my situation it has helped my positivity tremendously!

Honestly I feel that Veim opened up something in me to overcome and fight more for what I wanted. The help of removing my negative energy left new clean space for me to make mine all the things that were stressing me about post partum depression. I feel I now have a better hold on what I know I need to do to be happy, to be me and not hold onto the stresses that come along with a new child. I've learned to ask for help more and take time to breath. I believe veim allowed me courage to take my person back there for making me a better mom thanks again so so much !!!!!

Chancee - Depression & Low Sex Drive - Edmonton

I had been struggling with depression and was on the verge of going on medication. It was affecting every aspect of my life from my daily physical activities to my relationships. Destiny performed one massage and I immediately had energy and was smiling and laughing, something I hadn't done in sometime. I have been back to my normal happy self ever since. I have had two massages since for different personal reasons and both have been successful in helping me. I can not praise this massage enough. The healing that Destiny is capable of is undeniable and it would be an unfortunate thing to not experience it.

Mike  - Back Pain/ Burning between shoulder blades - Fort Mcmurray

 I had been struggling with a constant pain/ache/burning sensation between my two shoulder blades for a couple years and it got so bad that it was affecting my sport performance, sleep and overall comfort. I had seen chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and many different types of massage therapists including cupping and would only feel relief for a day or two and often I would have to suffer pain during these processes with no results whatsoever. I was referred to destiny by a friend and was willing to try anything at this point. Immediately after the One hour session I felt relief. I not only felt relief I had thoroughly enjoyed the massage. It was one of the best massages I've ever had. The next morning I woke up and felt as if 80% of the pain was gone. I had one more session a couple days later and I can happily say today, a month later, that the pain is completely gone and hasn't returned. This unique reiki massage is something everyone should try. I can not speak highly enough of it.

Andrea - Knee Injury & Stress - Fort Mcmurray

The amount of stress I've been dealing with over the years and my tendency to suppress negative feelings and emotions led me to seek out positive things that would be good for me. After a really hard and stressful few weeks I just felt like I needed something different . I came across the veim healing webpage and as soon as I read all about the veim massage I knew I wanted to try it. I immediately felt at peace with Destiny and the massage itself was absolutely amazing. I had to tell everyone I knew after. It felt like all the negativity was truly being drained from my body. And the knee that I had injured is now better-it really honestly is!  (I fell one day and injured my knee. It made it really hard to work out and do some things without feeling pain.) I can now work out again and go about my day without any knee pain. I also felt calmer and happier. I couldn't stop smiling after the massage! I felt like I was on cloud 9 for days after. I can't believe how much the one session changed me for the better. I really can't wait until the second and third massages.  Thank you Destiny for having such a profound effect on my life.

John - Lack of mobility and pain in shoulder - Fort Mcmurray

I saw Destiny after reading rave reviews from other clients of hers online. I had developed a stiff and sore shoulder that was refraining me from doing proper squats because i couldn't hold the bar properly and was unable to do pushups without pain.After my first massage with her I took it upon myself to do some push ups in the room after she left and was shocked to find I suddenly could with ease. My shoulder has been fine ever since. I went to see her again just for relaxation and was surprised the next day when iIcould lift 15 lbs more than my max for an extra set of 8 reps more on the lat pull down I told her I don' need to understand the reiki stuff she does to know it works. I recommend everyone try it to see the magic for yourself.

James - Low Energy and Patience - Fort Mcmurray

Destiny is an amazing person whom I had the pleasure of in receiving treatments from. Not only has she helped my body physically but mentally as well. She has helped alleviate the discomfort that comes from driving around one of the words biggest mines in the worlds biggest equipment for 12 hour shifts. Her spiritual approach to healing works wonders in very unique ways. Before one of my massages she asked what I wish I had more of and I said energy. For the next month I was getting up at 4:30 am ready to take on the day. It was very impressive! She has shared with me some of her guided meditations that she posts online and the morning of the evacuation from the fire I had done one of them and it helped me stay cool, calm and safe during a very dangerous situation. I would highly recommend her to help heal people that have a very physical and mental demanding role. 

Ray - Relaxation and inability to sleep through the night - Fort Mcmurray

I have had many massages and this was one of the best. Not only was it relaxing and feel good but it has helped me sleep better through the night. Not only immediately after the massage but my overall sleep has since improved.

Kaleigh - Knee Pain - Fort Mcmurray

I have had knee issues for sometime and I happened to be working out with Destiny one day and constantly had to modify the exercises because the more we trained legs, the more my knees bothered me. At the end of the session I couldn't even run and she offered to do Veim Reiki to me. I sat down and she placed her hands over one of my knees for maybe 5 min. That knee hasn't bothered me since and now I just need to get her to do the other knee!

Caithleen - Long Distance Reiki for Negative Thinking - Fort Mcmurray

I had Destiny do long distance Veim reiki to me and had a Veim Reiki Massage and both times increased my positivity. I could feel and sense her energy moving around and within my body.  Afterwards, I was more conscious of my thoughts and it was as if I couldn't think a negative thought. This something everyone must try because it simply cannot be explained, only experienced.

Glen - Shoulder Pain - Fort Mcmurray

I was lucky enough to run into Destiny during the evacuation from the Fort Mcmurray fire and she drove me to Edmonton so I could catch a flight home to B.C. because our airport had shut down. I was having a shoulder problem for sometime and it was acting up during the drive. She offered to try Veim Reiki on me and placed one hand on my shoulder as she drove. 5 min later my pain had left and it has not came back since! Im grateful for her gift and I encourage everyone to try it!

Cory - Long Distance Reiki for Bone Stuck in Dogs Digestive System

My dog  had become suddenly sick and would not go to the bathroom or run around like his usual self. After a trip to the vet and some very expensive tests we found he had a sharp bone stuck in his digestive system that the vet could not get out. We could only hope for the best. We gave him some laxatives but it did not seem to help. Destiny visited and did 5 min of Veim Reiki and he started walking about for the first time in a long time. Afterwards when she left she did Long Distance Veim Reiki from her home and 20 min later he went to the bathroom for the first time in days and passed the bone! It was a blessing. Thank you Destiny!

Crystal - Long Distance Reiki for Sick Dog

I am a spiritual healer as well and I can see auras and energy and I had asked Destiny to do long distance healing to my dog because he suddenly became very sick. When your pet is sick it makes it hard to stay optimistic and do any healing so thats why I reached out to her. She was at a wedding when I asked her to do it and 20 min after she did it I could see my dogs energy completely changed. I cannot thank her enough for helping Monkey! 

Jenn - Long Distance Reiki for Depression

My long distance reiki healing experience with Destiny was unbelievable and left me without any words to explain how I felt for a bit afterwards. To start in wasn't sure if it would work, you know.. was I "fixable"? My goals were to have my anxiety and depression healed. The energy I felt was amazing, calming and energizing. I could feel energy flowing throughout my body. Left me feeling as though I can breath. Typically breathing for me feels like someone is sitting on my chest. That feeling is gone, and it is amazing.After my session I felt an enormous rush of energy and happiness and I instantly started crying, it was a good cry.I felt relieved after, lighter.
Destiny told me crying is healing and that is going to stick with me forever. 

Taylor - Long Distance Reiki for Back Pain

Tonight I was lying in bed with a pretty bad pain between my shoulders, when I came across a status on facebook talking about reiki. Intrigued I pursued the challenge that I could be helped from not even the same room nor anywhere close to me! I was told to close my eyes and it would only take 15 minutes, so I did. And in that very short time I was surprised to see that although the pain was not fully gone, it had helped me quite a bit. And even got energy flowing into my stomach which surprised me. If that's 15 minutes I'm definitely interested in see what an hour could do !

Sasha - Long Distance Reiki for Fear/Phobia of Flying

Sasha was a client of mine that had a fear of flying especially long distances. Having heard of me being able to perform Reiki long distance he reached out to me. In the past he took pills prescribed by the doctor but hated them. I was in Fort Mcmurray and he was in Calgary and later heard from him that for the first time in his life he flew without medication and actually stayed awake the whole time and chatted with a lovely lady beside him. He has since flown again without the use of a prescription.